In terms of my health and fitness I have always been a generalist who enjoys a variety of foods and activities, with no remarkable affinity for, or ability in, anything in particular. Given where I have been the last few years, raising two small children and working, fitting in what I can has been about as good as it gets, a few foot races and climbing trips here and there excepted.

I have always wondered what I could accomplish and how I would feel if I focused my energies on a smaller quiver of activities (like I did in college), and brought more discipline to my eating (as I have never really done beyond becoming a vegetarian at age 16). As I close out 2013 and look ahead to next year, I am inspired to make 2014 about completing a personal, one-of-a-kind project.

A Fitness Project to be exact.

My personal Fitness Project will run over the course of 2014. Each month I will do the following:

1. Focus on a single form of Exercise (e.g., yoga, running, biking)
2. Eat according to a particular Diet regimen (e.g., gluten free, vegan)
3. Complete one Hallmark Event solo (e.g., Race, Event or Trip)
4. Complete one hallmark event with a member(s) of my Family (e.g., race, event or trip )
5. Write about it all here at

Fitness Project Design
Fitness Project Ground Rules

Month Three: Rock Climbing & Vegan
Month Three: Rock Climbing and Vegan

Month Seven: Swimming and Salad

Month Nine - Workouts For People Who Don't Like to Sweat
Month Ten - Up With the Sun
Month Eleven - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party
Month Twelve: Keep it Simple

And That's a Wrap!!! And so there it is, a sampling of the journey through 2014. A lot of work, a lot of play and a few good workouts in between. What now for 2015? Not sure yet but I have a few more days here to think of something!


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