Sunday, September 20, 2015

10:06 PM
In a page straight from the MommyTasker playbook my husband looked at us lounging around in our PJs on this spectacularly warm and sunny September morning and said why don't we bike to Montara beach, have a picnic lunch, and then bike home?

Let me clarify that we do not live near Montara (or any other) beach.

Let me clarify that we live approximately 6 trail miles and 2,000 vertical feet of mountain away from Montara beach.

Which is why everyone in my family immediately said. SURE!!

So faster that you can say Pack Up and Go! (well actually much, much slower than you can say that) we were off on our bikes - carrying snacks, water, beach towels, bathing suits, ..... and a fish-shaped boogie board.

I think we are going have to build a rack for the board.
We started our ride at the bottom of Old San Pedro Mountain road and pedaled hard past a couple of locals who use this road as a warm up for the barely-legal single track that winds through these coastal mountains. After a steady three-mile climb and a little hiking we were treated to sweeping views of the Pacific that inspired a little posing and yoga.

Mountain Biking Yogis
After that break we descended, weathering a small crash wherein I stopped to check signage at an intersection and my husband opted to check signage without stopping, thereby plowing straight into us and launching my son onto the ground. Ever-resilient, my son bounced right up and we carried on, albeit with a bit more spacing.

In short order we arrived in Montara, snagged sandwiches from the local deli, and parked ourselves on the beach to enjoy jumping waves, seal and whale watching (I am not even joking!!), and an impromptu play date with the school friends we ran into.

Are we at Hawaii? asked my son
Dry Land Surfing
Literally hours later we brushed most of the sand and seaweed off, stopped at the deli for a cold drink, and then started the return trip home. Our legs felt less perky and my son almost fell asleep during the ascent, but we made it to the top once again, took a photo for posterity and then cruised the descent home, getting a few fist pumps from the other mountain bikers we saw along the way.

As we biked together up the hill I said to my husband, great suggestion today - it seems I have trained you well... He just rolled his eyes at me. But, hey, the kids asked for seconds at dinner tonight and it was a record-setting quick bedtime routine. Eight straight hours of biking and playing will do that to a kid... and a grown up. And we are all better for it - rolled eyes or not.


  1. hey Mike, seems you have trained Anona well to give her the heart-warming and noddy-badge-earning feeling that she's trained you well - kudos!

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