Monday, June 1, 2015

9:45 PM
Professional and serious amateur athletes swear by rest days - those "off" days taken once every week or two to rehabilitate a body from the hours of pounding and work otherwise imposed. Every training regime I have ever read and never followed includes a healthy smattering of rest days among the mix of intervals and tempo, long and recovery runs/rides/etc.

I never take rest days.

In part this is because I am not a professional athlete (obviously) and not even a respectable enough competitor to call myself an amateur athlete these days (embarrassingly).

In mostly this is because who needs to schedule a rest day when you can always count on "life days" to totally disrupt whatever training regime you are hanging onto by the peeling, chafed skin of your fingertips.

Me taking one of many "life days" recently (and by the way that is my son's slobber on my shirt from where he was just previously laying on me not something I spilled and ignored for days while I wore the same clothes - I swear)
Ahhhh life days.... Those life days spend nursing a sick child, or working towards a deadline, or flailing at becoming a #dancemom (I now own hairspray, a "bun-maker", a curling iron and two shades of red lipstick and it only took me three trips to Target thank you very much).

Sadly, those life days don't tend to be conveniently interspersed between tough training days/weeks. Rather they tend to be clumped into sorry little lumps of days that leave you feeling like your life has become a parody of itself and leaves you wondering somewhat abstractly... did I wear these same yoga pants all day yesterday too?

Unfortunately, you don't come off of a life day feeling refreshed and energized ready to take on the next big thing. Rather all your exhausted body/mind wants to do is disappear into a glass(es) of wine and bath and bed and...well I guess those yoga pants don't look too dirty after all if the alternative means doing laundry.

So there you have it. If I actually took rest days and had to continue dealing with life days I would probably only get to work out 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes. Hey, wait a second, you say, isn't that what most people strive to do? 

Yeah, I guess so. Probably. But you see they don't have my appetite, and if you think I am grumpy after a life day you don't even want to come near me if I have attempted a "diet day" or in my lexicon "eat like a normal person not a ravenous wolf" day. Trust me, you and I and the rest of the world would much rather that I just got in my run.

So I know my kids won't stop getting sick (for days at a time, sequentially) and work won't stop being hard and life won't stop happening so until all of that stuff sorts itself out you will see me pounding away when I can and taking the life days when I must and otherwise

....or drinking wine in a bath.

                                              ....with chocolate.


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