Tuesday, May 26, 2015

11:19 PM
Just as we arrived home from our bike ride the sky opened up and the rain began pelting down, almost hail-like in its intensity. The sky boomed and crashed around us as we ran giggling to the outdoor hot tub and catapulted ourselves into the warm water. Even submersed to my chin the freezing rain gave me an ice cream headache. And yet the kids - euphoric from the novel experience - brazenly dared each other to take turns standing under the waterfall that poured from the gutters before scampering and squealing back to the steaming tub. 

We swirled around in the tub for many minutes, a 4-headed octopus with tired muscles, pinked skin and flushed smiles. See kids, I yelled above the thunderclaps, this, THIS is why we come to the mountains!

Legacy Trail
Indeed it is moments like those and vistas like these that bring us back here to Tahoe and the mountains every time. It makes the packing, and the traffic, and the tantrums borne out of exhaustion all worth it. Worth it for the 20 miles I spent biking with my daughter pedaling madly behind me on her trailer bike, riding into and out of thunderstorms.  Worth it for the 16 miles I ran along the Truckee River - just me and the view. Worth it for the afternoon spent playing games and puzzles in front of a roaring fire. Worth it for the smile on my kids faces when they experience, and then recount their adventures. Worth it for the glass of wine shared with my husband.

Worth it. Every.Single.Time.


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