Tuesday, March 3, 2015

9:30 PM
Can't Beat the View
When I heard that part of an old Naval base in Alameda had been re-purposed as a Bay-front winery I was intrigued. When I learned that it was located 5-miles down a bike path from my friend's house I immediately added "biking/winetasting adventure potential" to a long list of reasons why I always love hanging out with these wonderful folks. So after months of talking about it, and one (literal) raincheck, we showed up at their house last Sunday raring to go.

After much futzing, our ragged pelaton was assembled and we started off along the Alameda waterfront - kids and dads biking, mommies running, and one sleeper in a stroller.

The route followed the completely flat and curving bikepath along Shoreline Drive, through Washington Park, and past the USS Hornet. Five miles and 45 minutes later we arrived at Rockwall Wine Company, an urban oasis complete with garden boxes, a tasting room, delicious counter-food, a geodesic dome, and a huge concrete, fenced in area where the kids ran, wrestled and drove remote control cars around unmolested by the typical conventions of dining out.

Given that the kids were semi-contained and happy, it meant that we grownups could relax, enjoy our glass or two of wine, marvel that the kids had powered through the 5 miles with little to no whining, and boldly begin planning our next outing to combine food, friends, fun and exercise. It was an afternoon spent savoring the moment, appreciating the vision of the folks who created the intriguing space we were enjoying, and anticipating more fun times ahead. Cheers to adventure -- wherever you find it or make it!


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