Sunday, March 1, 2015

8:57 AM
A couple of weeks ago I gave away my beloved orange BOB Revolution running stroller. That stroller and I spent many, many hours together on roads, trails and travels. That stroller, and the time the kids and I spent with and in it, was a defining part of our shared experience during the earliest months and years of parenthood. That stroller allowed me to test the waters and ascertain that it was still possible to be an athlete and outdoorsy with my kids in tow. That stroller was a lookout perch for deer, birds and brilliant vistas, a high-speed snack train, and a softly swaying rocking chair that nestled a little sleeper. That stroller was my sanity.

Maxing out the Weight Limit
But as time went on,  and my running partners doubled in number, we upgraded to the double stroller which allowed us to keep exploring and racing and being outside together.

Snug as Bugs - Heavy as Hippos
Then legs got longer and stronger and two or no wheels replaced three and so runs were now done in tandem.

4 Miles and Counting
Another 5K Done

And now here we are...them zooming ahead, me racing to catch up, and not a stroller in sight.

Hey Guys! Wait for me!!!
And I couldn't be more pleased. Start 'em young, keep 'em going and hope you can still keep up. That's parenting and that's life. Have fun out there!


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