Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10:26 PM
Inspirational Message on the
Running Path at Grant Park
I do not travel very often for work, which means it is both a welcome novelty and a complete pain in the butt. My latest 2-day, 30-hour trip included flights to/from 4 different airports, 3 different taxi rides, one train ride, one hotel, one cancelled flight, 8 hours of meetings, and a good deal of schlepping around.

Given the amount of logistics, I decided to pack as minimally as possible: one shoulder bag with my computer and work files, and a second one with my toothbrush, small makeup bag, and a set of underwear and workout clothes/shoes. Notice that I omitted an ENTIRE outfit from my packing, and therefore the need for an ENTIRE suitcase.

Now this was a bold and untried move on my part - this decision to attempt to wear one work outfit for two days in a row while travelling and meeting with important people. This would require me to refrain from sweating, dribbling or spilling anything on myself for many consecutive meals, meetings and hours. I weighed the risk of a splotch on my blouse against the drudgery of lugging around a half-empty suitcase or missing a workout and decided to boldly try the minimalist approach (after adding a long scarf to my bag as contingency against any of the aforementioned blouse splotches).

The two runs I did today (one around the lovely Grant Park in downtown Los Angeles this morning, and the second through the airport as I desperately tried to make it on to another flight after mine got cancelled) more than validated my decision to travel light with an emphasis on movement.

It really comes down to priorities - and as far as I can tell WORKOUT >>> WORKOUTFIT is the equation that has come to define my packing decisions. Now that I have simplified my packing, I just need to figure out how to simplify my trips!


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