Friday, February 27, 2015

7:47 PM

Any one who has visited the San Francisco Bay Area and made the stop and go trek up Highway 101 has seen Sign Hill - a small promontory that bisects South San Francisco and for some inexplicable reason has huge concrete letters on it spelling out, can see what it spells.

What is somewhat less known is that the entire mountain is an open space park with several dog-friendly trails that encircle the hill and lead to the summit. On this bright and breezy Friday afternoon I loaded both kids, a bag of trail mix and the dog into the minivan for a quick post-school day, end-of-week peak bag. A few photos from the adventure give you a feel for the experience:

Hiking the Ridge
Steep, Very Steep Climbing
Summit Shot
This latest backyard adventure is another success story in our Making Mountains out of Molehills year and adds another kid-friendly summit to our list of have-dones and had-so-much-fun-we-will-do-it-agains. Thank goodness for strong little legs, epic views and daylight savings!

"Y" for Yes! We like hiking


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