Monday, November 3, 2014

9:42 PM
Tonight, for the first time EVER, I wished I had a little more jiggle in my wiggle, some more sass in my ass, and more hooty in my booty. I watched the curves-out-to-here moves of the Zumba instructor as she got us all (and by ALL I mean - two 60 year old white dudes, many well-coifed 50 somethings of all nationalities, and a few scantily-clad 20 somethings) gyrating and otherwise sexing it up all over the dance floor for a hour tonight.

It was the most fun I have had working out in a long time.

By the looks on everyone else's faces and the hoots and hollers that echoed around the room as we would do a particularly sexy* move - it seemed as if everyone else felt the same way.

*Note: Said "moves" were very sexy as demonstrated by the (did I mention curves-out-to-here) instructor. As performed by me and the many other stiff, slightly awkward and overly-enthusiastic dancers in the room they looked more like moves that would have made Elaine from Seinfeld proud.

*Note: That didn't stop us.

As you may have guessed, this month of my Fitness Project is dedicated to dancing. To the joy and freedom and loud music and booty shaking and hip rolling experience of expressing myself in a new way. To the challenge of learning new moves and dance sequences and exploring the strength and flexibility required to move my body in 3-dimensional space. To having FUN!

As they say in Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party.

After my experience tonight I am ALL IN.

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