Tuesday, July 1, 2014

8:15 PM
Coincident with the long, lazy days of summer, this month of my Fitness Project will be devoted to swimming - in pools, mountain lakes, and maybe, just maybe, in the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean. So today I bought some new goggles and a speedo, looked up the schedules at all the nearby public and private pools, and dove in for my first swim workout of the month.

As my inaugural swim I did a workout that I did at nauseum during both of my pregnancies, and continues to be pretty much my favorite swim workout.

1 x 400
2 x 200
4 x 100
8 x 50

When I have the time, or want to go a little longer than one mile, I break the freestyle sets up with 1 X 100 kicking, and 1 x 100 IM or breaststroke. This workout is fast, efficient, and the increasing reps, coupled with decreased lengths and increased speed makes the time go by quickly.

I must admit, gliding semi-weightless through the water today felt amazing after the incessant pounding of last month's running focus. I watched my arms glisten in the sunlight as I took a breath, sommersaulted gleefully into a kick turn at the end of each lap, and paced myself against the ticking of the swim clock. After 35 minutes, I hopped out, showered quickly, and went about my day. One mile stronger. One workout happier. One delicious salad for lunch healthier.

To learn more about my Fitness Project, please contact me at mommytasker@gmail.com, MommyTasker.com, or connect with me on Facebook.


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