Monday, June 9, 2014

10:53 PM
Tomorrow my dad goes home. For the last six weeks he and my mother have taken turns driving 5 hours each way to spend the week looking after my son while we straddle a gap between preschools.  They are both retired, but still have full lives, which they have voluntarily put on hold so that they can spend this time with my children and help us out.

Over the course of the last six weeks my son, especially, has been having the time of his life. Everyday has been a new adventure, everything from the zoo, museums, and the park, to...

Hours surfing at the beach:

Or in the back yard:

Building castles at the Discovery Museum:

Rowing boats around Golden Gate Park:

And finding magic in enchanted woods:

Over the course of these days and weeks, my parents have grown more confident in their rhythms and routines with him - what snacks to pack, what adventure to try next, when an extra change of clothes will be needed, when nap time is likely to happen, and to remember the all important "milkie"...

My son is thriving under their loving and full-focused attention and care. As never before, he is living the blessed life of a child that is so loved.  Even though he is only two, I am sure he will carry the memory of this time with him forever (imprinted if not explicit) and that it will deepen the solid foundation of trust and love that defines his relationship with his grandparents.

It was a major hassle to have our daycare close mid-year, but it has been a major blessing to have had this time with my parents. Many, many thanks to all they did and do for us.

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