Sunday, March 16, 2014

10:02 PM
If you google "Goat Rock bouldering" you will get directions to a pretty cool and family-friendly climbing area situated along the ruggedly beautiful Sonoma Coast.

The Boulders
The View

You will also get lots of links to images of goats climbing rocks:
Amazing (but less relevant)
Today we skipped out on Shamrock runs, birthday parties, swim lessons and all of our other standard weekend obligations to instead head two hours up the coast for a day filled with pastoral viewsheds, adventure hikes, crashing-wave-watching, kite flying, and a few fun and challenging boulder problems.

A big part of this Fitness Project, is the ability to share the experience with others. Today managed to be just that - a beautiful day spent outdoors with my family and friends; the opportunity to watch both my son and daughter climb and scrabble up boulders just outside of all of our comfort zones; and a spontaneous dinner with another good friend on the way home to top it all off. I am blessed to live in a beautiful place and with people willing to cast aside routine and obligation to experience it. Today was just a good reminder of all the...

Mountains yearning to be climbed,

Treasures waiting to be found,

Friendships worth investing in,

And all manner of adventures that await the intrepid.

Happy Sunday and here is to another week of

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