Saturday, February 15, 2014

8:53 PM
Because it is always this easy
As I look back at the last two days spent on our first and likely only ski trip of this historic drought year I am trying to distill which moment it was that made me feel like all the packing and driving and money and schlepping was worth it.

Was it the hour I spent this morning trying to convince my son that one needed to wear a jacket when one was in the snow? And boots.
- A resounding Nope.

Was it noticing (after we bought the lift tickets and rented gear) that most of the lifts at this particular resort were closed due to lack of snow?
- Not a chance, although in retrospect perhaps we should have taken more note of the near-empty parking lot upon our not-crack-of-dawn arrival.

Was it the moment at the top of the mountain today when the gale force winds literally blew my daughter and I backwards up the hill?
- Definitely not. Although it cracked us up (the first time it happened).

Was it my 20th run down the bunny hill when my son finally got the courage to let go of me and ski down on his own?
- Perhaps, although my back is still whining about the first 19.

Trips Down The Bunny Hill from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

Was it the looong afternoon spent on the couch watching the Olympics, wrestling, and otherwise trying to catch a severe case of cabin fever?
- I am pretty sure the answer is no, inspiring Olympian heroics and doing pushups, situps and squats during commercials aside.

Was it the after dinner walk, in the howling wind and sprinkling snow, with the kids twirling their flashlights and skipping, spinning and laughing at the thrill of going on a spontaneous adventure?
- Yes. I am pretty sure that was the one.

Snow Fireflies from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

Here's to the moments that make it all worth it.

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