Sunday, December 29, 2013

12:30 AM
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To say that my 2YO son is obsessed with surfing would be the understatement of 2013. This obsession started a few months ago and since then he has been "I surfing" or "I skateboarding" any number of things that are remotely rectangularish and flatish including pieces of wood, Tupperware lids, and (my personal favorite) the grease catcher for our foreman grill (which he also occasionally chooses to sleep with).

Given that we are in Hawaii, and there is lots of real surfing going on in full view of two very big brown eyes,  the obsession has been in full display on a near-constant basis. In fact, today when we saw someone skateboarding AND carrying a surfboard, I really thought he might blow a gasket he was so excited..."I do it! I do it!"

So along with his singular focus, my son has also apparently inherited a few other endearing traits from my husband and/or me (no blame being placed here). These include some coordination and a huge stubborn and independent streak which has exhibited itself the form of taking no advice from no one ever on how to do anything. Therefore, as in most things, my son is apparently going to spend 8 hours a day for the next week teaching himself how to surf WITHOUT help from anyone. Any offers to assist will be met at best with a forceful NO! or at worst a full scale tantrum. Yep, we have seen it all.

Evidence of self-taught, interpretive surfing below...

Heading out for a Session
Long Paddle Out
Waiting for a Wave - Using the Board Backwards
Trying Upside Down and Backwards (For the Challenge of it)
Notice the Correct Position of the "Yeesh"
Heading Back up the Beach After a Session
Tandem SUP Surfing
Double Overhead on the Back Lawn
Grandpa's Back Has Never Felt Better
Couch Surfing
Stand Up Paddle Sticking
Surf Urchins
Life is Good
Oh, in case you were wondering - Yes, the Fitness Project is still on. January 1, 2014.

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