Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10:40 PM
Fountain of Youth
Other than surreptitious peeks at my phone, and one night of using the spotty WiFi at our rental house this has been a very internet-poor vacation. That being said, even a few peeks at Facebook and my favorite news sources have provided me with enough "Best of 2013s" and "Inspirations for 2104" to make me feel alternatively inspired and deflated. The messages have ranged from the "Self Contract" or thematic approaches to the refreshing "Do Whatever The F*&% You Want" take on the whole new year, new you, and in case you missed it, what you should have known about last year thing.
Do whatever the fuck you want
Do whatever the fuck you want

I mulled some of this over as I sat on the beach today watching people of all ages and sizes frolicking in the surf as my son napped under the shelter I had created for him out of two beach bags and a boogie board (his "surfer").

The outer break was the home of expert SUPers and surfers, carving the huge waves into graceful arcs; Duck diving the crashing walls of water as they paddled out; Making it look easy.

The second break (my home turf) was enthusiastically pursued by novice surfers and boogie boarders of all ages and abilities and the occasional body surfer. From the looks on their faces, the thrill of the rides they were getting were none the less for their proximity to the safety of the beach than those of the seasoned experts farther offshore.

The near-shore wash was peppered with toddlers and watchful parents. In those few inches of water, waves were jumped, lolled in and otherwise thoroughly enjoyed, the occasional caught-off-guard pummeling of a wee one not withstanding.

For hours each day, people played at their own speed, pushing their own boundaries of physicality and bravery against the endless swell and break of the ocean.

So simple really.

In a culture so caught up in what next? and what more? and I need it, it is beautiful to be in a place and in a space to watch people thoroughly enjoy something that is so elemental and so invigorating and so fun. The big waves take your breath away; the little ones that you jump or ride make you shriek with delight. All of it - all sandy bottomed, sunburned, salty haired bit of it makes you feel like a kid all over again.

That is priceless. That is the fountain of youth.

That is the gift of time spent. Of play. Of nature.

As I look towards 2014, personal projects and professional ambitions aside, I will come back to three things:

1. Keep it Simple.
2. Play More.
3. Be in Nature.

If I can do that, I bet most of the rest of it will figure itself out.

Happy New Year all. May your 2014 be many things, and all of them good.

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