Monday, November 18, 2013

8:19 PM
Functional Strength
There is a line in one of my yoga videos that I love. It goes something like this:

These poses will increase your functional strength so that as you go about your day, lifting your children and carrying your groceries, you will be strong...

For the vast majority of us that are not professional athletes, we are not working out because we get paid to do it. We are not lifting until we are sore because we compete in bikini competitions; We are not running, running, running because we are training for the Olympics; We are not jumping, kicking, climbing, dancing, and stretching for any other reason than we can, and it makes us feel good, or at the bare minimum, because we feel worse when we don't do those things. We are also doing it so that we are strong and resilient enough to tackle what is asked of us in the rest of our lives.

I work out for many of the obvious reasons - health, enjoyment, pride, vanity.  However, at the root of each sweat session is my fundamental desire to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want.

Run regularly so that I can keep up with my daughter while she bikes? Yep.
Lift and work my core so that I can pickaxe rock-hard soil into a bountiful garden and heave large bags of soil and wood chips around? Yep.
Stay fit so I can keep up with my husband when we bike together? Yep.
Practice yoga so I am flexible enough to get up and down off the floor and wrestle around with my children? Yep.
Exercise regularly so that I have the energy to work and be a wife and mother and to say "yes" to any adventure that comes my way? Yep.

So I won't be winning any races or bikini competitions anytime soon. But I did just carry in 6 bags of groceries (all at the same time).  How's that for some beach muscles?

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