Thursday, November 7, 2013

6:45 PM
This is my 100th published post.
My Muses

If I do the math, 100 posts since February 2013 is roughly 12 posts per month, or 3 posts per week.  I started this blog with no real agenda - just as a means to create in some small way.  There have been no earth shattering moments, no extraordinary events, just the reports on the daily tide of a full life.  Sort of like the shipping news, I guess.

Writing this, showing up here in my free time, has made me want to do more (for the sake of the experience and the sake of the story) and also to do less (so I can read more, and be more, oddly enough also for the sake of the experience and the sake of the story). The funny thing I have found is that it is often easier to write about the small things (a moment, a thought) than about the big ones (the trip, the PR).  Maybe its the balance of necessary detail versus the time and space I have allocated to the retelling.  Maybe its my own self-consciousness that holds as much back as I tell. Probably it is my own limitations as a writer, I mean blogger.

Regardless, not unlike my Streak, the process of writing this blog, of showing up in my free time, once, twice or three times a week has been an amazing personal experience. Most times it is an easy thing to do and what I have to say comes easily. Other times, like working out, it is something that I make myself do -just start, once you get going you will be glad you did it. That is the art of habit-forming, that is the skill of discipline-making. Bottom line - you just keep showing up.

So what will the next 100 bring? Who knows. There will be so many moments between now and then where I might succeed as an athlete, fail spectacularly as a parent, and everything else in between. Regardless, I will write about it here - every bruised ego, thrilling experience, and family adventure part of it. This is a life I am making worth living, and having some fun in the retelling. It truly is choose your own adventure.

Thank you for joining me - MT

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