Tuesday, October 22, 2013

9:36 PM

According to my Facebook newsfeed and adsfeed for the last few weeks I secretly want to be

(1) A heavily photo-shopped fitness model who loves taking pictures of herself in the mirror; and/or
(2) A social worker.

Hmmm.... tough choice. I guess one would have the potential to make me famous (ooops Maria Kang beat me to it, oh well!); the other would have me trying to save the world. 

Screw you FB and all your subliminal messaging about my inadequacy.

Where's the sexy/heartwarming add for engineering-mommying-keepingittogethering-gettingitdoneing?

Where's the "like" button for I made it through another day and the kids are in bed and I might even get to read this amazing new book I started which is making me think of nothing else?

Where's the poke for three miles is better than no miles and a glass of wine makes the Tuesday night soccer team pizza party go down?

Where's the comment for I just went to my 15 (FIFTEEN!!) year college reunion and it was fun and people still recognized me 15 (FIFTEEN!!) years later and everyone is still as wonderful and beautiful and unassuming as ever, world-conquering during their day jobs aside.

Where's my bed?

P.S. Facebook, on one aspect  of all of this you are totally 100% right. Even if I did want to post half-naked pics of myself flexing in front of a mirror, I have no idea how people actually take those photos of themselves - here is my attempt tonight...

Fleece, Sweats and Camera in Front of Face - I am a Natural
P.P.S. Facebook, the other thing I have no idea how to do is take a nice picture of myself while holding my own camera. I always end up with a double chin or some other unseemly close up, terrible angle shot. What is the trick???
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