Monday, September 2, 2013

9:01 PM
A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my son's second birthday (by celebrated, I mean we held a last-minute, mid-week pizza party for him to which a handful of very understanding and gracious families were invited). Here, verbatim, is the email I sent in desperation to a few families on Monday evening (i.e., giving them approximately one day of warning before I asked these very busy people with one or more small children to modify their schedules mid-week to accommodate my neglect):

Because poor H---- is our second child and because I am a terrible mommy and am going to be out of town on his actual birthday (8/16), I was wondering if you guys would be available to come over to our house this Wednesday (8/14) evening by 5:30 PM for a little evening picnic birthday party for him. We will have pizza and cake in the park and otherwise celebrate him turning 2! Please let me know if you can make it! No presents necessary :)

Thankfully H---- and I have some very lovely friends who rallied to help us celebrate and the moms all assured me that, despite appearances, I was not a terrible mother. In fact, one even confided in me that she also hadn't planned anything for her second child's upcoming 2nd birthday. We said cheers over a glass of wine on that. We harried mommies have to stick together.

Bday Boy is Center in Blue Shirt - Digging His Ice Cream Cone

But the point of this post is to celebrate that my little boy has now in fact turned two!! This milestone means many things to him and us including:
  • He now speaks something resembling English, in multiple word sentences at that, although without immediate context it is still difficult to understand exactly what he is saying;
  • He can count to five-ish (the numerical order is still totally optional);
  • He can be in a big bath independently now, which means I am not breaking my back lifting storage tubs filled with water anymore;
  • He ate his first piece of broccoli;
  • We have removed the baby gate and he can go up and down stairs without an escort - even steep and concrete ones;
  • He rides his scooter like a madman and jumps off anything he can climb;
  • He sits on the potty, just for the excitement of it - he has yet to be "productive" there;
  • He is allowed to play in the backyard with only the minimal supervision provided by his big sister;
  • He has figured out sleeping through the night (almost.... well, not quite);
  • AND.... Dun ta Dun... HE CAN GO TO THE DAY CARE (a.k.a. The Fun Kid's Space!) AT OUR GYM
This last one has meant that for the last three days of our Labor Day Staycation, we have been able to go to our fancy-schmancy gym, leave the kids for 90 minutes in the lovely child care center, and have a long, hard, blissful workout before collecting them and spending the next three hours chasing them around the pool deck. Trust me, I will take sleeping through the night any day, but until that is a given, the fact that we can now use the gym day care is getting me through. Taking that 90 minutes for us at the start of the day means that everything else is just.....

Happy start to a third year to my lovely, sweet and exuberant little boy. I have no doubt that you will make it an adventure!

Peace Out Number 2

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