Thursday, September 19, 2013

8:52 PM
It turns out that being a single, working mom is pretty darn hard, even for three days. It is really hard even if, before he left, your husband tidied the kitchen, did a load of laundry, took out the trash, and ran the dishwasher. It is exhausting, even if your babysitter is willing to work extra days and extra hours to fill in the cracks (what's money compared to sanity?). It is challenging, even if your kids are being really cute and sweet and your daughter has made it her mission to be a "really good girl" the whole time daddy is gone.

It hasn't helped that work is currently INSANE.

I have done things in the last few days that I have never, ever done before, just as a means of getting by. They include:

  • Shopping for milk and bananas at 7-eleven because, well, we needed them and there was no time to get to a proper grocery store (technically, I have bought milk there before, but I never stooped so low as to also buy our fruit there).
  • Arranging to leave my daughter at 7 AM at the home of one of her classmates (that I barely know, although they do seem lovely) so that they could take her to school since I needed to be somewhere for work.
  • Piling both of my kids and their breakfasts into the double stroller so I could get a run in before school drop off and work.
  • Showering at the office of a client in order to sneak my run in between drop off and an off-site morning meeting.
  • Skipping volunteering in my daughter's kindergarten classroom because I had to be somewhere for work.
  • Picking up my son late from day care two days in a row :(
  • Sending my babysitter to the grocery store with my daughter as a guide to get us the stuff we (desperately) needed, 7-eleven stops aside.
  • Using white eyeshadow underneath my eyes try to conceal the dark blue circles.

To those of you who do this ALL THE TIME you have my utmost respect. Really, you do. So far we have survived. However, I am pretty darn exhausted and my husband can rest assured that he has a dedicated wife for life. Doing this sh!t alone is waaaaaay hard.

Missing You Daddy!
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