Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10:12 PM
Working Out w/ Babe
I loved the article I read yesterday called Getting Fit When Life Gets in the Way. The whole premise is that being fit and living a healthy life isn't something you simply do on days where you have time and energy and are otherwise unencumbered - we all know how few and far between those are. Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle should rather be the baseline on top of which all the other life detritus floats. As the author says:

In reality, sticking to your program during these [challenging life] times will do you far more good than you realize. Being healthy helps you handle everything in life more easily. Being physically strong helps keep you emotionally strong. But most important, sticking to your workout schedule and eating plan will also help you feel more stable and secure as you lose your feelings of stability and security in other areas of your life.

I myself am no stranger to the excuses one can generate as to why working out has slipped or waistlines have expanded (see my post Excuses, Excuses). I am currently facing the uncomfortable reality that seemingly-directly coincident with changing jobs I have packed on five pounds in the last three plus months. I think it is a combination of several factors - eating more, working out less, and still not sleeping as much as I should. I am decidedly not going to freak out about this, but I am going to try to make a few subtle shifts to see if, without suffering, I can regain my comfortable-for-me weight. By subtle, I mean things like, not drinking a glass of wine every night. I mean like leaving my office during the day for the occasional walk or run or yoga session rather than just pounding away all day at my computer or sitting in meetings. I mean like getting up tomorrow morning to fit my run in before work because there will be no other time. I mean like going to bed soon so that I can actually drag my body out of bed at 6 AM.

We all have the opportunity to make choices, big and small, about what we want to prioritize in our lives to make sure that we and our families are happy. We can bend the rules to fit our needs and define the terms by which we choose to live and "have it all". I really think the airlines are correct when they advise you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping another. For me, that means making sure that I feel good about myself, which then in turn makes me more able to support my friends and family in the wholehearted way that I want to.

There was another pretty good article the other day entitled You Can't Have it All, But You Can Have Cake. I am going to go with I CAN have it all, I just can't have the cake (for at least the next couple of weeks).

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