Saturday, August 24, 2013

8:32 PM

A friend made an interesting comment to me yesterday in the context of telling me that she had recently started running.

"I used to think that to work out I had to go to a gym or go to a yoga class. Now I have suddenly realized that all I need to do is walk out my front door."

Ain't that the truth?!?!!?

So simple, yet so profound.

Without knowing it, we build up stories and road blocks to action in all different aspects of our lives. Working out (substitute anything here) is too time consuming; its too expensive; it requires complicated equipment; you need an expensive gym membership; you need a personal trainer; I am too (old, fat, weak, tired) to try something new....and so on.

Then, one day, like lifting a curtain, we sweep away the myths, try something new, and find that we are left lighter, freer and the world is full of opportunity.

One of the most memorable articles I read on this subject was related to lunchtime working out. It compared the time and effort spent, and calories expended, between two different activities.
  • Activity 1: Leave work, drive to gym, change, stationary bike for 20 minutes, shower, change, drive back to work. 
  • Activity 2: Leave work. Walk. Return to work.
Guess which one burned more calories? Guess which one made people happier? Guess which one was easier to maintain as a regular routine?

Uh huh.

So consider what is holding you back, consider if there is a work-around or fresh perspective you could entertain. And then, What ever "it" is.

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