Friday, June 7, 2013

9:16 PM
By now, if you have been following this blog, you know something about me and my approach to this balancing act of life, work, family and self. But as much as I think about these issues and write about them here, I still only represent a fairly small sample size of let's see - one. Further, since I really am only an expert on these issues because I live them everyday, I thought it would be a good time to broaden the perspective by reaching out to other renowned experts in the field.

Today, as I navigated through my Friday, I spent some time with three different people, one for a run, one for a business lunch, and one for a family dinner.  All three are amazing people and parents, accomplished professionals, and athletes in their own right. I asked each of them the same five questions - the goal being to better understand how they make the most of their days down here in the proverbial trenches of parenthood.

Disclaimer: Pardon my mickey mouse voice and the intense background noise on the videos - this was spur of the moment stuff, breaking news, if you will.

In order of appearance, and in their own words:

The Runner
Basic stats: Marketing director, mother of two, currently training for a marathon, with hopes to qualify for Boston
What I learned from her: There is real value in approaching wellness and health as a whole-family endeavor

MommyTasker - Interview #1: The Runner from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Biker
Basic stats: Entrepreneur, father of two, avid weekend warrior
What I learned from him: "Family Adventure Hikes" (especially ones on which you find 267 banana slugs) sound awesome

MommyTasker - Interview #2: The Biker from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Yogi
Basic stats: Non-profit director, mother of two, yoga instructor
What I learned from her: The practice of yoga can lengthen your day (and who among us doesn't need more time?)

MommyTasker - Interview #3: The Yogi from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

This will hopefully be the first of many "interviews" that I will do to broaden the perspective on the issues I am discussing here at MommyTasker. Please let me know if there are questions you wish I was asking, or if you have a perspective that you would be willing to share. Also, if you know how to reduce background noise on videos, that would be useful information too, noting that advice like go to a quieter place when filming is not helpful.

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