Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10:45 PM
The Big Kahuna
For the last few months I have seen the advertisements at my gym for a new class offering called "Surfset". The pictures and videos showed a person doing various exercises on a small surfboard that appeared to be strapped to several bosu balls and include some pilates reformer-type elements. Mildly curious, and more than a bit bemused, I finally managed to organize my schedule to attend one of these Surfset classes yesterday. Of course, the class that I was able to attend was the advanced class, otherwise known as The Big Kahuna

Despite the name, and the fact that any time I have actually tried to balance on a surfboard it has been a disaster, I was still expecting more gimmick than hard work out. As such, I sauntered into the studio, casually sipping a smoothie, and anticipating a relatively mild yoga/strength training session - which was perfect since I was still sore from the half-marathon I had run that Sunday. Following the lead of the class regulars, I organized my "surfboard" orthogonal to my yoga mat, released the tension straps to make the surfboard super-tippy, and took off my shoes. As I finished the last slurp of my smoothie, the fit, smiling teacher walked in and class began.

Needless to say, after 45 minutes of squat jumps, planks, push ups, sit ups, lunges, and various other forms of plyometric and core exercises on a super-unstable surface that threatened to send me flying multiple times during the workout, I was sore, tired and significantly less cocky than I had been when I walked in. It was indeed a great workout and I definitely have a long ways to go before I can do V-ups, leg raises, lateral jumps and other core-intensive exercises efficiently on the board (i.e., without having the board rock hazardously from side to side while I white-knuckle grip the edges).

Because a picture (and in this case a video) will give you a better sense of the workout - please check this out if you are interested: Surfset Video

On the whole, I really enjoyed this workout and it was perfect cross-training. If my schedule allows it, I will definitely try it again and have put it on the list of fun to mix-it-up and keep-if-fresh workouts

So here is my challenge to you - what new workout are you going to try this week?

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