Thursday, April 18, 2013

9:59 PM
I have to admit that I started this little MommyTasker Blog project on a bit of a whim - as a way to direct some restless energy and as a way to reach out and connect with like-minded others who were facing similar challenges in maintaining a work-life-self-family balance. Three months, 22 original posts, 3 guest posts, one published article, 71 "likes", and almost 5,000 views later, I am starting to feel like this might actually be something that I LOVE doing. Thank you to all that have written me, talked to me, and shared with me about the blog. You are my inspiration to keep going out there, and to keep coming back here to write about the experience.

You. Me. We. Getting.It.Done.

Just for a little fun, I thought I would do a little "round-up" of the blog so far:

Most viewed post: Guest Post: My Goal Before I turn 40 - I am still waiting to hear if she sent her project - I will keep you updated!

Post that seems to have inspired the most: Please Stand Up - I have heard from so many of you that you took the initiative and bought/ordered/made your own standing desks at work or home. Nice job!

Least viewed post: GRIT and Bear It - Apparently very few people cared about high-intensity interval training. Seriously, in some form or fashion you should try it! 

My favorite post to write: This is really tough, as I have enjoyed them all, and for different reasons. I also am looking so forward to future stories that are swirling around in my head that I almost want to pick one of the not-yet-written ones (i.e., like the one I plan to write if we survive our upcoming camping trip). I have loved the contributions from the Guest Post authors as well and thank them for sharing their insight, time and humor.

Something to Write About

I am interested to hear if their are any specific topics that you are interested in, or would be interested in sharing. Please contact me at,, or connect with me on Facebook. 


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