Monday, February 18, 2013

7:17 AM
In an amazing act of prescience my husband and I decided to create a home gym once I got pregnant with our first. We figured that we weren't going to have time to go to the gym every evening once we became parents, but didn't want to give up working out. We decided that we would switch off "going out" nights and then the parent that stayed at home would have the option to work out in the home gym.

Luckily for us we have a 2 car garage and after kicking the cars out and installing some indoor/outdoor carpet we built a gym in one-half of the garage. We assembled our gym based on our personal workout preferences and with compact but relatively efficient and high-quality equipment. We bought some stuff new and some stuff on Craig's List. In its current status here is what our home gym includes:
My home gym
  • BG 1000  Home Gym
  • Body Vision Power Tower
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Schwinn IC Pro Spin Bike
  • LifeCore LC 985VG Elliptical
  • Free weights (35 lb, 20 lb, 12 lb, 8 lb, 5 lb)
  • Medicine balls (10 lb, 6 lb)
  • Hangboard
  • Yoga balls (large & small)
  • Yoga mats
  • TV
  • DVD player / Computer

Several nights a week you will find my husband or I downstairs doing a workout. He tends to do weights and TRX-based workouts based on a routine he has developed. I do better when being told what to do so usually rely on workouts I have downloaded related to spin, TRX, or yoga. Sometimes though I just like to read or watch a show while I bike or lift, which is perfect for those nights where I want to do something, but don't have the mental or physical energy to do a hard workout.

My favorite workout videos are:
  • Spinning: Mindy Milrae (super cheesy but she gets the job done)
  • Yoga: Baron Baptiste (Core Power, Power Yoga II, Yoga for Athletes, Long and Lean)

We have also turned the other half of the garage into a kids play area. This area includes:
  • Small trampoline
  • Trapeze & rings
  • Swing 
  • Basketball hoop
  • Scooters
  • Play Mat
  • Art table
  • Toys (train set, balls galore, blocks, etc)
By doing this we can all hang out together downstairs, with everybody getting some play and exercise in. This has proved invaluable on long winter days when it has been too cold and rainy to go outside. It also is a great way to incorporate fitness as a family activity.

For some additional home gym ideas, here is some info I saw in Self Magazine about home gyms.

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