This is where I plan to maintain a complete record of my Interview Series wherein I ambush my friends, colleagues, and random strangers, hold them hostage for roughly three minutes, and ask them to share with us, off the cuff, what they do to "MommyTask" their way through work, life and parenting.

This point of these "interviews" is to broaden the perspective on the issues I am discussing here at MommyTasker. I love hearing how others are fitting it all in, and especially how they are engaging their kids in living active and healthy lifestyles. With each of these interviews I am learning things that I am applying in my own life, and hope they become a source of inspiration for you too.

In order of appearance, and in their own words:
The Environmental Engineer

Basic stats: Environmental engineer, mother of one, amazing artist of the painter variety
What I learned from her: Working out while your baby and husband nap is a win, win, win situation. 

MommyTasker Interview #16: The Environmental Engineer from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Research Scientist
Basic stats: Molecular biologist, mother of two, hosts the most amazing kid birthday parties ever
What I learned from her: Prioritization is key - decide each day what the most important thing is for you to accomplish, do it, and then everything else will work out too.

MommyTasker - Interview #17: The Research Scientist from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The City Official
Basic stats: Deputy Director of the Water Department, mother of (almost) two, a woman who changes your conception of who a public sector employee is
What I learned from her: Sometimes you can take the lead in encouraging your kids to be active, and sometimes they can be the ones that take the lead.

MommyTasker Interview #18: The City Official from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Pediatrician

Basic stats: Pediatrician, mother of three, a childhood friend who I reconnected with after not seeing for over 20 years.
What I learned from her: Scheduling time to fit in your workout is key to making it happen. 

MommyTasker Interview #13: The Pediatrician from MommyTasker on Vimeo.
The Attorney
Basic stats: Symantec attorney, mother of two, still a triathlete in spirit.
What I learned from her: A job doesn't necessarily have to be perfect if it facilitates the other parts of your life that you value.

MommyTasker - Interview #14: The Attorney from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Conservationist
Basic stats: .Land conservationist, mother of two, she actually enjoys camping
What I learned from her: A "date night" can be many things, including an elliptical workout in tandem.

MommyTasker Interview #15: The Conservationist from MommyTasker on Vimeo

The Scientist
Basic stats: Consulting scientist, father of two, one of the best cooks I know
What I learned from him: Focusing on the emotional health of everyone in your life is challenging, but critically important. 

MommyTasker - Interview #10: The Scientist from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Psychiarist
Basic stats: Practicing Psychiatrist, mother of two, enjoying a new growth perspective on life
What I learned from her: Being happily together as a family is the definition of personal wellness.

MommyTasker - Interview #11: The Psychiatrist from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Blogger
Basic stats: Facebook employee, mother of two, author of an amazing wellness blog:
What I learned from her: Your kids don't necessarily need to be directly involved in your personal wellness routine to benefit from it.

The Engineer
Basic stats: Consulting engineer, father of two, his family makes wine
What I learned from him: Focusing on your diet can be as, or even more, critical that exercise. 

MommyTasker Interview #7 - The Engineer from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Professor

Basic stats: Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, mother of one, strong climber and badass biostatistitian
What I learned from her: Having it all is really, really hard - you have to give yourself a break on those days and those weeks when you just can't do it all and be it all.

MommyTasker - Interview #8: The Professor from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Realtor
Basic stats: Residential realtor, mother of two, an all-around athlete
What I learned from her: Just grab and go. You can figure things out along the way.

MommyTasker Interview #9 - The Realtor from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Absolute Adventurer
Basic stats: Entrepreneur, mother of one, she gets to "play" for work
What I learned from her: A good schedule can keep you focused and able to fit it all in.

MommyTasker - Interview #4: The Absolute Adventurer from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Preschool Teacher
Basic stats: Entrepreneur, mother of two, expert on Spanish Immersion programs
What I learned from her: It is okay to ask for help.

MommyTasker Interview #5 - The Teacher from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Climber

Basic stats: PhD candidate, mother of two, my (always) climbing and (sometimes) running partner for the last decade-plus
What I learned from her: It is okay to say no sometimes.

MommyTasker - Interview #6: The Climber from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Runner
Basic stats: Marketing director, mother of two, currently training for a marathon, with hopes to qualify for Boston
What I learned from her: There is real value in approaching wellness and health as a whole-family endeavor

MommyTasker - Interview #1: The Runner from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Biker

Basic stats: Entrepreneur, father of two, avid weekend warrior
What I learned from him: "Family Adventure Hikes" (especially ones on which you find 267 banana slugs) sound awesome

MommyTasker - Interview #2: The Biker from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

The Yogi
Basic stats: Non-profit director, mother of two, yoga instructor
What I learned from her: The practice of yoga can lengthen your day (and who among us doesn't need more time?)

MommyTasker - Interview #3: The Yogi from MommyTasker on Vimeo.

Please let me know if there are questions you wish I was asking, or if you have a perspective that you would be willing to share. If any of these interviews inspired you to do something new and different, I (and I am sure the interviewee) would love that feedback too.

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