Sunday, September 13, 2015

9:34 PM
Today, as I stood chatting with other parents at a play date and then a birthday party, I was recalling how at this time last year I felt like I had been totally and completely flattened by a Ton of Bricks

This year, somehow, back to school has just been, well.... easy. And despite everything else that is going on (work, house projects, trips, the world), things just seem, well...easy. 

I don't want to jinx it, but I also want to acknowledge it. I want to allow (force) myself to be purposeful and comfortable in this place. (Why is it so hard to be relaxed?)

The View Over Montara Beach
Things don't have to feel hard, or busy, or extreme to be good. Easy is good. Sleep is good. A Sunday afternoon bike ride up a mountain with the family is good. Finding a minute to write (for me) for the first time in a long time is good.... and easy.

This comes after a long summer of play - of weekends in mountains, of weeks with old friends, of days spent running and biking on trails. For sure there were plenty of late nights to meet deadlines, but those that I remember were spent catching up with the women in my life whom (ironically) I see almost inversely proportionally to how much I value them.

This comes after a long summer of neglecting my blog - holding true to my promise to myself that I would only write if I wanted to and if it was easy. This should never be a chore. And because something needed to give and this is what could, I put it away for many months until today when, after biking up a mountain with my family and gazing over the craggy and foggy Pacific Coast, I felt a slight pang of I want to remember this.

And I want to remember the Color Run 5K that I organized:

And the weekend spent running the PCT and SUPing on Salmon Lake:

And the fact that my son learned to mountain bike (and do a front flip off of a diving board):

And so on...

And the only way that I know how to remember these things - to memorialize them - is to put them down here. To find the time and space - the easy - to make it happen.

My kids turned 7 and 4 this summer. Sleeping in until 7:30 AM happens fairly regularly now and we are down to one diaper and one catnap per day. The corner, for the time being, feels turned. Which means that so much more feels possible...and easier. 

These are the days. 

And there is no way that I am going to let them pass us by or be forgotten.


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