Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10:00 PM
Since this is my first time navigating summer break, it has been a real revelation in terms of what a scheduling nightmare it can be for working parents. First you have to select desirable camps, then you have to register at 12:01 AM for the popular ones, and finally you have to figure out how to get your kid to/from for the egregiously short 9AM-3PM "camp day"...all while working 8AM to whenever PM each day. No biggie, right?


We only have five camp weeks to get through his summer, and given that most of the logistical burden was falling to me (surprise!), I figured that I would try to make the best of it. The "best of it" in my speak translates directly to fitting in my workout while hanging out with my girl and getting her to camp. And since I have a knack for devising workout schemes, this is exactly what I have successfully been doing with my daughter for the last two weeks during that awkward 8 to 9 AM slot before we part ways.  The scheme, which I lovingly call "boot camp" has looked something like this:

Week 1: Camp Located in Large Bay-front County Park
  • Run 5 miles south along bay trail while my daughter bikes
  • Run/bike 2 miles, do stair workout, run/bike 2 miles
  • Run/bike 4 miles north along bay trail 

Weeks 2/3: Camp Located Near My Office
  • Tandem bike 30 minutes along bike path from home to camp
  • Tandem bike 30 minutes along single track from home to camp

I have to say that logistics and late office-entry aside, I am loving the experience of working out / hanging out with my girl. These 30-40 minutes spent together each morning in pursuit of movement and beauty have created a natural space for connection and conversation in the way that 10-20 minutes spent in the car while her nose is buried in a book never would. We are proving a great team - timing each other on the stairs, biking through the morning fog/drizzle, and earning props from counselors and colleagues on our innovative forms of transport. I didn't expect to think this, but I am really going to miss it when summer camp is over and school (which necessitates a car-based commute) starts again.

Here is to the long days and silver linings of summertime....


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