Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10:31 PM
I am nothing if not a workout optimist, enthusiast and opportunist.

Every single week I write out an ambitious workout plan (because I would love to).

Every single day I leave the house with a gym bag packed with workout clothes and running shoes (just in case).

More often than not, and sometimes only through sheer force of will, I do something that qualifies as exercise for at least 30-45 minutes (every little bit counts).

But despite all of the above, and because this fitting in of exercise is not always (ever) that easy, I have learned - above all else - to plan ahead, be prepared, and take advantage of all opportunities.

A conference call where my attendance is necessary, but expectations for my participation low? Take the call while madly pedaling a stationary bike.

Flight Delays Made Awesome
A one hour flight delay at LAX while on a work trip? Throw on the running shoes/clothes I packed in my work bag and enjoy a 6-mile run along an endless beach with merciful cloud cover.

Kids gone for the week? Run or bike my 9 mile round-trip commute.

Have a client that likes to run? Schedule a run to catch up and discuss the current project and future opportunities.

Have a free hour in the middle of the day? Do yoga, go for a run, or otherwise get.it.done.

The thing is, a week full of a variety of workouts squeezed in among multitude other obligations is waaaay better than a week full of zero perfect workouts. You will never see a training plan that recommends strategies like those mentioned above, but if you do follow the general philosophy of whenever, however you will see a life happening and you being a fitter, happier person because of it, even if it means wearing sweaty workout clothes under a blazer at the airport.



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