Tuesday, June 2, 2015

8:34 PM
I arrived home this afternoon (after a sleepless night, a 4-hr round trip drive and a day spent moderating a panel and otherwise attending a conference) tired, stressed and desperately needing a run. The kids were already home with their babysitter so I knew that sneaking out of the house for even 30 minutes on my own was out of the question. So, faced with little alternative, I did the only plausible thing I could think of....

I loaded the kids in the car, drove to our local track, and ran 400s while the kids alternately sprinted across the field, climbed trees, cartwheeled, built dirt cakes and otherwise entertained and looked after themselves and each other for the better part of 4 miles.

Tandem Cartwheels to Close out the Workout
They were happy and emboldened, flushed from the wind sprints they ran - chasing me from one side of the track to the other - and the daring feats of tree and bleacher climbing they accomplished.

I was happy and emboldened, suddenly realizing that "group" track workouts could actually become a real option.

We were all sated, hungry for dinner, and there was no yelling, no tantrums and no other disruptions from that happy space we had created for the rest of the evening.

It is amazing what a few laps around a track and a little free range play time can do...


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