Friday, May 1, 2015

12:16 PM
Today at 9 AM I started running up the ridge that arcs in a wide green stripe of open space behind my house. Over two hours later I stopped running - having climbed the ridge, descended to the Pacific Ocean, and powered through the ascent/descent home.

This wasn't the original plan - I had no food, no water, no sunscreen. I had eaten half of a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast at 6:30 AM. I had only intended to do my normal 6-miler to the ridgeline and back before moving on with my day. But then I started running, and daydreaming, and then next thing you know I was miles and many vertical feet from where I started with few choices other than to grind it home.

It has been months since I have run like this - for miles and hours - hot and dusty on a trail. Even as my legs and lungs burned, I felt an energy and intensity building and burning in my core. This is what my body can do - all those days of squeezing in 3-5 miles between drop-off and work, or during lunch, meant that now, on a day when I have the time, my body is strong enough to take me where ever I ask it to go.

Climb that mountain? Sure.

Run to the Ocean? Why not.

This ability - to move, to be, to experience - this is the ultimate reward. Keep getting out there my friends - the world can break your heart, and then it can turn around heal you in a such profound way.


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