Sunday, March 22, 2015

9:34 PM
As my kids get older and more capable the world is expanding in terms of what we can attempt together as a family. Now that my son has passed the 3.5 YO and 36-inch mark, he has finally grown into his trailer bike. This new mobility frees us up to tackle miles and mountains that have been a little inaccessible during his recent post-ibert and pre-pedal bike phase.

We celebrated this milestone with a 10-mile, dual-tandem ride this morning which linked together several bike paths and a couple of brutal hill climbs, including one that my daughter and I powered up together through sheer strength of will chanting (gasping) "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" - a mantra that she employed later today to quell her pre-piano recital nerves. Nice mental cross-training I might add.

2 Flags, 4 People, 6 Wheels, 8 Legs, 10 Miles 
And because this was a ride with kids and having fun is the main goal, the ride also included a yummy brunch and stops at two parks along the way....

We dodged a few raindrops, valiantly tried to resuscitate a  blown-out shock, and skipped naptime to make the ride happen, but we have enthusiastic takers for the next one - a sure sign that the experience was a success. Indeed, the kids are already clamoring for another overnight bike trip. As for me, the ride was just long enough and hard enough and fun enough that it made the rest of the day that was filled with chores, laundry, birthday parties, and recitals that much more bearable, which is really all I needed.

Sometimes I mourn the fact that my kids seem to be growing up so fast; however, experiences like today just make me so glad that we are all here, exactly as we are, doing what we are doing, exactly RIGHT NOW. Carpe diem and all that jazz.


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