Saturday, December 13, 2014

8:36 AM
Xmas Tree Farm Hike
As we all tailspin into the end of the year it was sort of gratifying to read Gretchen Reynold's recent article regarding the benefits of exercise, even in its most abbreviated form (i.e., a single minute of intense effort, interspersed with light effort, for a total of 10 minutes of working out, three times per week). While most of us need more than 30 minutes per week to feel the satisfaction that comes with a good workout, I have internalized a key element of her message for the last month of my Fitness Project.

Keep. It. Simple.

That means that while juggling everything that comes with the holidays (parties, end-of-year deadlines, recitals, travel, family obligations, shopping) I am focusing on two things:

(1) Exercising for one hour per day - in whatever forms best fits
(2) Drinking water

As I zeroed in on just these two relatively simple things, I noticed that this simplicity and focus on self-care started carrying over to other aspects of my life:

  • Sleeping more 
  • Reading more
  • Removing toenail polish so my toes could "breathe"
  • Using Retin-A and moisturizing
  • Drinking more tea
  • Eating more soup  

The combination of the above is making me feel more healthy, relaxed and at peace that I would otherwise expect to feel at this time of year and I am grateful for the experience.

May you find one minute, one hour or something in between to keep you sane and healthy this holiday season.

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