Sunday, October 19, 2014

9:24 PM
I read a good article last week entitled The Best Workouts to Do When You are Too Tired to Work Out.  Since I often feel that way, it was nice to have some validation, motivation, and forgiveness.  It also inspired me to summarize the reasons that I probably could have taken a pass on working out this week, but didn't.

1. I was Sick. I was Tired. AND I was Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired. The combination of work travel, changing my routine to early morning workouts, and the change in seasons meant that I was brought up short by a nasty cold in the middle of the week.  Regular doses of Dayquil, gallons of tea, and a few early bedtimes allowed me to push through, but the lingering cough and overall weariness followed me well into the weekend.  No matter, I didn't want to squander a weeks worth of fitness on a common cold and so I pushed through - not in a crazy way - but in enough of a way that I could log a solid workout into each day and call it good (and then sleep for 10 hours).

Binge Watching YouTube Videos
2. I have a Little Boy with a Broken Wing. On my watch last Friday my 3YO son broke his collarbone (a wipe out while running at top speed through the grass at our local park - a fall I have seen him do a hundred times with no affect - but this time was different).  After hours in the ER, we brought him home and settled him onto our king-sized bed with a sling, an ice pack and non-stop streaming mountain biking and surfing videos.  We have basically been there ever since.  I left his side three times in three days (twice to run, once to take my daughter to her soccer game).  The release of spending 30 minutes running hard in fresh air gave me the strength and patience to spend the remainder of the time laying next to him in bed - soothing him, reading to him, and pressing repeat on his favorite videos.

3. It was Dark and (Sort of) Cold Out. Of course I decided to pick Darktober as the month to do morning workouts as part of my Fitness Project! With sunrise happening after 7AM my morning workouts have been relegated to the garage - but it has been quite nice to get back in touch with my long-neglected yoga mat and elliptical trainer.  I have also been reminded of the value of the 45 minute workout - 20-30 minutes of cardio, 10+ minutes of strength and core, and 5 minutes of stretching. Solid, satisfying, doable.

4.  I am Injured.  Really, who isn't after the age of 35? I know I have been. My approach is just to suck it up, be careful, and do a few physical therapy exercises as part of my workout. It's not going to get any better (as evidenced by seeing what has happened to my husband post-40).

5. I was too Busy. This one fells me more often than I would like to admit.  The only true work-arounds I have found are to (1), and (2) Make the most out of 20 minutes if all you have is 20 minutes. Number (1) refers to just simply getting a workout started - dragging your exhausted butt downstairs or out the door and forcing one foot in front of the other until the endorphins take over and suddenly you don't want to stop because this was exactly what your stressed, tired, overworked body and brain needed. Number (2) is the trap of thinking that just doing a short workout isn't worth it, when you know deep down inside that doing something is ALWAYS better than nothing and that you can actually get quite a good workout in in 20 minutes. That is, of course, if you can confront and get past issue number (1).

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