Friday, September 26, 2014

9:04 PM
Enough said

So remember when I was all cocky last weekend and like, we got this and we are so on top of everything that I just want to blow this joint and head to the mountains for the weekend.

Yeah, so with Monday morning came the cold, hard slap of reality. Or should I say the small, pervasive, itchty, twitchy variety of reality. It all started with a phone call.

Monday AM: Ground zero. Call comes from daughter's school.  She and 5 other kids are being sent home for 48 hours because they have contracted lice from a kid in their class.  This is wonderful news as I have a full day of meetings and husband is an hour away, car-less and facing a massive work deadline. Much frantic texting and calling ensues, babysitter is able to cancel her dentist appointment and rush to the rescue and begin the first round of treatment (conditioner and comb out) on both kids and start the laundry (the laundry, my god, the laundry!!!!).

I begin to itch, intensely, randomly all over my body. Hope nobody at work notices.

Monday PM: Arrive home. Begin the "treatment" on the kids - as smelly and foul as I remember from childhood. Listen to husband's discourse on lice based on extensive research he has done over the course of the day (key referenced sources can be found here and here). Treat self as (hopefully) psychosomatic itching continues. Continue epic volume of laundry, while praying to the drought gods for forgiveness.  Fall into bed, exhausted, in the wee hours.

Tuesday AM: Daughter is not allowed to return to school and babysitter is not available until 2PM, so I am on duty. Decide to make the most of a bad situation and have a rather lovely morning with daughter - run/bike, brunch, pedicure, shopping.

Greasy hair, pink toes and silver linings
Tuesday PM:  Arrive home. Begin the "treatment" on the kids and self - condition and comb through. No one is happy. Work until the wee hours to make up for morning spent gallivanting.

Wednesday AM: Arrive at school at 8 AM sharp so daughter can get checked and I can get to very important meeting. NO ONE is there to check her hair UNTIL 8:25 AM. Two nits are found in her hair and she is sent home. NO PROBLEM. Let's see - husband is gone, babysitter is in class until noon, and I have a meeting to get to and run that is an hours drive away. Frantic texting and calling ensues. Super sweet former day care provider agrees to let her come over for the morning. I tie her hair back, drop her off and screech away, arriving at my meeting with 3 minutes to spare.

Wednesday PM: All hands on deck, 2 hour hair comb through party while we watch a movie. More laundry is done. This shampoo is ordered. I am feeling defeated. And itchy. Work until midnight to meet work deadline.

Thursday AM: Hair comb through party continues at breakfast. I learn my lesson and arrive at school at 8:15.  Cross both fingers, toes and legs in hopes that we get the all clear. WE DO!!! I race away from school and arrive at work 5 minutes before my 9AM. Am suddenly no longer itchy. Tired? yes, but at least not itchy.

No biggie, really, just another day in the lice, I mean life.

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