Monday, August 25, 2014

10:08 PM

When you think about it, sandwiching a one-night hail mary camping trip to Lake Tahoe between your daughter's first two weeks at a new school makes perfect sense. Especially if you are returning to camp at Lake Tahoe for multiple days the following weekend, immediately before your son starts a new preschool.

We are nothing if not expert planners in this family and live by the motto never bite off more than you can chew (except, of course, when it is the end of summer or for any other reason when more fun can be had out of doors).

Crack-o-dawn start
And so we packed the car Friday night, piled into it first thing Saturday morning and arrived at the campsite by 10:30 AM, only mildly road-weary and more than excited for the full day of playing ahead of us. Our campsite was large and semi-private, more than big enough for our little family and the party of six who joined us for the weekend. We staked our tent and the kids did a few obligatory laps around the loop on their bikes before we all headed down to the beach - all manner of toys, SUPs and snacks in hand.

This particular spot in Tahoe is a very special place for our family - one we return to each year and love to share with family and friends.  It boasts a beautiful, white sandy beach, clear water, and some of the best SUPing and running around.  It is, therefore, the perfect fitcation location, where everyone can get into the action:

SUPing Heaven
Bouldering (for a work out) & Scrambling (for fun)
Hiking and Trail Running
By the time we packed up just over 24 hours later we had hiked, run, swum, "surfed", SUPed, explored, bouldered, s'mored and otherwise gotten our end of summer adventure fix in. The ride home was relatively smooth and the kids were clean, fed, and tucked into bed before 8PM Sunday night, making us (almost) feel like responsible parents.

In fact, the whole thing went so well that we are already getting excited to do a repeat, and to do some similar trips during ski season. We have four willing takers, a minivan, and a credit card. What more do we need?

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