Thursday, July 10, 2014

9:19 PM
I am as guilty as the next person of looking at my watch mid-stream, and saying grr... I only have 30 minutes before my next obligation, I guess I don't have time to fit in that workout I had planned to do today. And so then I will soldier on with my day, a bit more grumpy and fat and dissatisfied than I would have been had I rather said - Awesome, I have 30 minutes to workout - let's get it done!

Let's be honest here. While not an ample amount of time (who has that these days anyway, really), having 30 minutes means that if you are efficient, and not too concerned about appearances (and even if you have to change at the beginning and end of that window, allowing 5 minutes for each), you can have at least 20 minutes of solid workout time. While that duration won't help you win a marathon, if you do that several days a week you are going to be well above the average fitness level of most people (sadly), and more importantly - you will certainly be a happier, healthier person.

So, briefly, lets consider what you can reasonably accomplish in a 20-30 minute workout session in or from your home in the morning before work, or in the evening after work:

1. Walk 1-2 miles
2. Run 2-3 miles
3. Complete 1-2 heart-pounding NTC workouts
4. Complete a TRX or weight lifting workout
5. Complete 2-3 7-minute workouts
6. Workout for 20+ minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical
7. Do 20+ minutes of yoga / pilates / stretching / core work
8. Do an exercise video
9. Have a dance party
10. Have sex

...and from work, at lunch time or during another free window:

1. Walk 1-2 miles
2. Run 2-3 miles
3. Walk the stairs
4. Complete 1-2 heart-pounding NTC workouts
5. Complete a TRX or weight lifting workout
6. Complete 2-3 7-minute workouts
7. Workout for 20+ minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical
8. Do 20+ minutes of yoga / pilates / stretching / core work
9. Deskercize
10. Have sex (just kidding) (I hope)

I promise you 20 minutes of solid effort will be a game changer for your day, and done regularly and taking the long view - for your life. With some of these exercise options (e.g., stair walking), even breaking the effort down into smaller chunks of 5-10-15 minutes has been shown to be beneficial for overall health and fitness and then it really does fall into the there is no excuse to not do it category... And so practicing what I preach, I will now be looking at my watch, thinking positive thoughts, and heading downstairs for a 20-30 minute session on the TRX to close out my day. Getting. It. Done.

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