Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10:06 PM
Best Aid Station Ever

Last Saturday I participated in a relay footrace around Lake Tahoe. Some cool stats from the very fun and memorable experience are outlined below:

Relay Distance: 72.3 miles
Elevation: roughly 6,000 ft msl
Elevation gain during race: 4,024 vertical feet
Total race time: 9:52:02
Number of runners per team: 7
Number of cars running support for our team: 4
Number of team members that had to pull out due to injury and be replaced last minute: 2
Number of team members who ran while seriously injured: 1
Number of team members who adequately trained for the event: 1
Number of team members who felt seriously injured the next day: 6
Number of college and graduate degrees held by our team members: 16
Number of times I got kissed by my kids during my leg: 4
Number of people who shared a house, meals and a hot tub for two days: 18
Number of awesome dads who got to spend Father's day on a beautiful beach with their kids: 4
Number of times I wished I was doing something else: 0

Happy Father's Day!

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