Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6:39 AM

During month four of my Fitness Project (biking month) I started making a concerted effort to bike to and from work whenever I could. Now that I am in my running month, I am doing the 9-mile round-trip commute on my two feet. Whether it is commuting, travelling or just doing your daily mileage, I have found that there is no better way to find the nooks and crannies and special parts of your neighborhood or workhood than to run it, and to be open to taking the path less traveled.

For example, my runmute traverses three cities and could be done as a fast and simple U-shape - down the hill to a busy street, along the busy street, and up a small hill to work. However, after many years and miles of exploring I have managed to link together a more fun, interesting and beautiful route that looks something like this:

Mile 1: Through the neighborhood

Mile 2: Traverse through the large county park on a beautiful single track

Mile 3: Through a neighborhood, but through the secret alleyways, pocket parks and other hidden treasures that dot the route

Mile 4: Pedestrian path that winds through grassland, oaks and eucalyptus

It is a beautiful run, if challenging. It was fun to discover and link together all these little bits of beauty until the collective was an amazing way to start to the day and a fairly efficient combination of working out and commuting. Two legs, a small backpack, and a towel to dry off with upon arrival is all you need to turn the daily grind into a daily joy and to take back the portions of your life that you thought you had given away to the "must dos" (commuting) instead of the "want to dos" (exercise and be outside in nature).

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