Saturday, April 12, 2014

2:14 PM

In a less-than-completely-enthusiastic and more in a long-ago-I-realized-it-is-simply-easier-to-go-along-with-your-crazy-ideas-than-it-is-to-talk-you-out-of-them sort of way my husband finally agreed that we were ready to take on a multi-day family biking trip. I have been lobbying for this kind of trip for years, as well as for a backpacking trip, and an RV trip and any other manner of logistically complicated and probably-much-more-fun-to-imagine-than-actually-do sort of trips. My husband has had the but we have a baby that doesn't sleep through the night and requires diapers facts on his side for a few years now, but the tenacity of his argument is thankfully starting to wane in the face of time's incessant marching on.

With an affirmative in hand, however tepid, I set about planning our first (very) little bike trip adventure. I planned the route - short, scenic and presumably doable, although it would entail some strong climbing; Booked a hotel (nice room, steps from a beach, breakfast included); Packed our bags and some snacks (sparkling wine); and got the bikes and trailers ready to go. As soon as my husband got home from work on Friday we loaded everybody up and headed out for a late afternoon start to our adventure.

Everything we needed in one trailer
Somebody is ready to go!
The route I planned took us up to and along Skyline Boulevard, down Sharp Park Road, along the coastal trails in Pacifica and down to the small cluster of hotels at Rockaway Beach. It was a beautiful, if slightly foggy evening and we enjoyed the work of the climbs and the Mommy we are flying!!! downhills. The trails along the coastline whet our appetites for an evening play on the beach and sort of before we knew it we had arrived at our destination.

After the perfunctory bed jumping, pillow fighting christening of our hotel room we busted out some snacks for the kids and wine for us and spent a few relaxing minutes hanging out and watching the waves break from our hotel room window. At around 6:30 we walked a short distance to my idea of the perfect restaurant - a seat outside under a heat lamp and a blanket, a huge fire pit, delicious food and wine, and a huge fenced in lawn area that included a sand volleyball court where the kids ran wild. This is pretty awesome my husband and I said to each other as we clinked glasses and leisurely ate our dinners, feeding the kids bites of theirs as they ran periodically between us and hither and yon. Once again I was reminded how much easier it is to relax when you get away, even if physically you haven't gone that far.

Despite their later-than-usual bedtime, the kids were up and at it shortly after 6 AM this morning. We trundled outside in our PJs for a walk along the beach and a short hike up an adjacent bluff. By 8 AM we were all in our bathing suits - playing chicken with the waves, watching the fisherman catch crabs, and cheering on the surfers.
Coffee with a view
When the time came to leave - nobody wanted to. We all could have spent a few more hours playing and then on our bikes going somewhere else, having another adventure. We test drove the experience of the self-powered get-away and everyone loved it. I am guessing I will get emphatic Yes!es next time around when I suggest another (and longer) such excursion - especially now that my kids have biked to the top of a ridge and gazed waaay down to the ocean and said Wow! We did it!

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