Saturday, April 19, 2014

9:02 PM
I am sort of of the mind that beggars can't be choosers when it comes to picking your workouts. Sure it would be great to be one of those (f*ing crazy) people who can get up at 4:30 AM six days a week to fit in the miles, but it has been a long time since I have been one of those people, and even when I was one of them I usually waited until the semi-reasonable hour of 5:30 AM to stir. And then it was usually to go to crew practice or spin class - both cases where I all I had to do was sit there and do whatever someone told me to do.

But I digress...

The point is, being a mom means that workouts are usually short, frustratingly intermittent, and fifty shades of otherwise compromised. Since this is also the case for me, I find myself trading in serious training for any and all opportunities to do something that marginally resembles a workout and calling it good.

What that means is that what sounds like pretty good Duathlon workout - Run a 5K footrace and do a bike ride along the bay - actually looked something like this today:
"Blazing Fast" 39 minute 5K run, walked and piggybacked with a 5YO
"Epic" 5 mile bike ride accompanied by 2 kids and a dog
It was really more of a do-athlon, a tri(tostayfit)-athlon, a momathon, and if you saw the rest of my day, a bit of an ironmom.

I saw a lot of other momathoners out there today, walking, running or cycling with their kids, playing vigorously with them in the park, and otherwise engaging them in the experience of living an active and healthy lifestyle. They looked happy - knowing as I do that a 13-minute per mile run with a 5YO is waaaaay better than a seat on a couch any day - and it was awesome to see so many other families living that truth.

That being said - part of me wished I had seen more solo moms out there - running or cycling their hearts out, breathing deep and hard to push past their own boundaries, "selfishly" giving their all for "gasp" themselves. Maybe they had been out there in the pre-pancake-breakfast-dawn, sneaking it in before a day filled with meeting the needs of others. As I was sound asleep at that time, I can't say for sure, but I can only hope that in fact many, many were out there - an entire pelaton even - carrying the torch and keeping us all inspired.

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