Sunday, February 23, 2014

2:17 PM
The thing about focusing on HIIT this month of my Fitness Project is that by definition these workouts are very hard, pretty short, and as a result very efficient. In fact, most of my workouts have been of the 30-45 minute variety which has meant that I have worked out for significantly fewer total minutes on average this month than any time in recent memory.  The small downside (and admittedly it is a small one given that this is the middle of winter, such as it is in California) is that most of my workouts this month have been inside a gym, which is not my norm, and I find I am missing getting my sweat on outside.

So, after doing a 45 minute workout indoors yesterday that left me shaking and nauseous well after it was over (thank you BaseCamp - VO2 Max workout), I decided to design and execute my own hybrid HIIT workout today of the mid-February, blue sky, out-of-doors variety. The result was great and worth sharing.

Equipment needed:
Running shoes
Phone with (1) a mileage app, and (2) the scientific 7 minute workout app

Set #1:
1 x run 1 mile
1 x scientific 7 minute workout

Set #2:
1 x run 1 mile
1 x scientific 7 minute workout

..and so on for however long you want.

In my case today it was for 6 sets (6 miles, interspersed with 35 minutes of HIIT exercises). It was both challenging and fun, with enough variety to keep it interesting and enough duration to count as a solid, full-body effort. Best thing about it though - I sprinted, lunged, planked and otherwise got to move my body to complete mental and physical satisfaction outside. Sweat and toxins out - Vitamin D in. Good and good.

"Bench Press"
I highly recommend that you also try this variation. If you do, please let me know what you think.

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