Wednesday, December 18, 2013

6:28 AM
As I described in my previous post, MommyTasker Fitness Project - The Ground Rules, I am embarking on a Fitness Project in 2014 wherein each month I will do the following:

1. Focus on a single form of Exercise (e.g., yoga, running, biking)
2. Eat according to a particular diet regimen (e.g., gluten free, vegan)
3. Complete one hallmark event solo (e.g., Race, Event or Trip)
4. Complete one hallmark event with a member(s) of my Family (e.g., race, event or trip )
5. Write about it all here at 

I don't have all of it mapped out yet, as it takes a lot of schedule balancing and research, but my initial design is summarized below:
MommyTasker Fitness Project


I am very excited about tackling this endeavor - what it will mean for my health and fitness and what I will learn. I would love to have company in the experience, so please contact me if you are thinking of starting your own Fitness Project.

Please contact me at,, or connect with me on Facebook.  


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