Saturday, December 14, 2013

8:56 AM
I have dedicated many hours over the last 10 months documenting the active and healthy lifestyle that I am committed to living with my family. Today I thought I would share with you the perspective of my 5YO daughter as rendered in selected journal entries over the last few months.

Biking four miles every Saturday morning this Fall
My take: 
Mind Over Matter 
Never Gonna Look Back
What has 2 legs 4 wheels and takes 45 minutes to go 4 miles?
Two for the Price of Run

Her take:
I wanted to go biking with my Mama.
I will go on my bike and my Mama will run.
We went 4 miles.
Then I will do dips with my Mama.
Building Gardens in our Front and Back Yards
My Take:
Gardening is not for Sissies
Our Apple Tree was Lonely so we Planted an Orchard
How Does your Garden Grow?

Her Take:
If you wanted to plant a garden, first you are going to put seeds in.
Then they are going to make some leaves.
And then they are going to make some flowers.
On Rock Climbing
My take:
Ode to Climbing and my Partner
Bouldering or Blundering?
Climbing Trips as Done While Raising Small Children
Kid Friendly Klimbing

Her take:
I go rock climbing on Mondays.
I love going rock climbing with Kalia on Mondays.
Going to the Pool
My take:
Because it is Totally OK to be That Mom

Her take:
I do swim class with Teacher Deb.
I do swim lessons every day on the weekend with Olivia.
There are many, many more entries I could share with you - descriptions of trips to the farm, fairies, birthday celebrations, reflections on the seasons... everything that resonates with a child's imagination. However, I chose to highlight these examples of how my daughter has begun to internalize the experience of leading a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. Seeing her explore her own power and strength, both in the doing and in the retelling, has been so fun to watch. I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring.

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