Friday, October 11, 2013

10:29 PM
I love it when you get to do something that is so fun and uplifting that it breaks you out of the mold of your day, quickens your step and reinvigorates you in tackling the long list of tasks ahead.  Sometimes these moments (a perfect latte, an extra workout, a lunch with a friend, a particular moment with your kids or husband) are so delicious that you almost feel decadent in the experience - like you are sneaking it in - almost feeling guilty that you can be ENJOYING LIFE SO MUCH.
Its Moments Like These...

And then you think HAH! This is what it is all about!

If we can't find and create and ENJOY these moments - and really that is all they are sometimes is moments - that make us happy and grateful and light, then it can all just feel like drudgery and work and what sort of life is that?

And the reality of it is, it can't just be the BIG things that we live for - the vacations and concerts and races and big-ticket purchases and promotions. As far as I can tell, striving only for these far-flung peaks, while admirable in some respects, seems to leave a pretty barren trail in between.  By definition, life is about the mundane. The art is in finding all those little bright spots along the way during each day and week and having the presence of mind to acknowledge the value they have added to your experience.  The art is recognizing that while these individual moments unto themselves are not so spectacular, it is the collection of them that add all of the richness and texture to our lives.

The REAL ART is in taking all the above and reframing your day - not allowing yourself to wallow in the tedium and stress of meeting a deadline, but rather reveling in the laughter you shared with a coworker and the snuggles you got from your family at the end of the day that ALWAYS put it all back into perspective.

When I look back at the last week, I see many, many things that happened that I could frame one of two ways in the retelling:

Once I started writing my list, I found I didn't want to stop. I suddenly wanted to look at everything that had happened to me in the last few days and see if I could put a positive spin on it. I wanted to write about all the little moments that had made my day today great (the way that 10 of my daughter's classmates ran to give me hugs when I arrived to her classroom today, the way my son called me "my mommy" and held me tight for a love, the amazing afternoon I had with my kids at the science museum.....etc). I suddenly felt less tired and more like ME.

So that's it - just a little reminder that while the movie tells the big story, sometimes its watching the bonus features at the end that can really get you thinking...

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