Thursday, September 12, 2013

8:37 PM
Yoga/Maternity/Work Pants
The always funny, often brilliant Honest Toddler posted two nuggets on yoga pants yesterday that made me smile and got me thinking:

"You need to get dressed," said the woman going on day three with the same yoga pants.

and (posted immediately afterwards, as if in an afterthought)

Why does she even have yoga pants? Yelling at kids isn't exercise.

Like every other first-world mom out there, I have three pairs of black, stretchy and over-priced pants that I occasionally do yoga in. I can attest that they do, in fact, work great for that purpose. However, given that I paid a small fortune for them four years ago, and they are the only pairs of black pants that I actually like, I have found that their wear-ability and utility has extended far (as in waaaay-far) beyond the yoga mat. Also, as Honest Toddler aptly noted, they can indeed be worn for days without washing.

The following include the uses to which my "yoga" pants have been applied:

Running tights
Climbing pants
Long underwear
Maternity clothes
Soccer mom uniform
Everyday and everywhere pants
Travel pants
Going out to dinner/dancing pants (when coupled with a tunic and tucked into knee high black boots)
Work pants (same idea as described in my super hot "going out" outfit)

In good company with my "yoga" pants are my "running" shoes, my "diaper" bag, my "sports" bras, and my "beach" cover ups.

As has become blatantly apparent to you in reading this, I am a very fashionable and impeccably-dressed individual, except for the 365 days a year that I am a shamelessly comfort-driven dresser. In my defense, I still think my butt looks better in my yoga pants than any other pants I own. When that stops being the case, I will probably just switch to sweats. That will be much harder to wear to work though, hmmm...... a mumu?

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