Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10:50 PM
The other day, feeling uninspired to run and without the means to go to any cool new group exercise classes, I started thinking that I really, really, really wished I knew a different way to work out that was as efficient and effective as running, that cleared my head and de-stressed me as much, and that could be done anywhere, anytime. If only...

While I generally am quite happy to run, being forced to do it day after day because it is absolutely the only alternative that fits into the 30 minute time slot I have allocated for aerobic exercise kind of takes the fun out of it. I am always so energized when I try something new and explore my physicality in a different way; I love that soreness that only comes from a new movement by a new muscle group. Two new classes I have tried this year Surfset and GRIT, have definitely fit that bill, although because they are classes it means I can hardly ever actually get to them (i.e., they frustratingly only happen at certain times at certain locations, both of which seem to directly conflict with the other parts of my life called work and family).

Doing the same thing repeatedly, while usually pretty efficient, definitely takes its toll in terms of inspiration and physical benefit, or rather the lack thereof. When everything else is so busy and complicated though, it is extremely hard to break out of routine and have the energy and wherewithal to think of, much less do, something new.

A recent article stated the facts pretty clearly on this front:

...when it comes to exercise habits, Americans say they prefer to stick to what's simple, solo and short. Running was the most popular type of exercise followed by lifting weights and biking/hiking/outdoor activities.... 

Well, with one glance at my workout page, its pretty clear that my exercise habits, born out of necessity, efficiency, and proximity exactly mirror those of the rest of America. Not surprising I guess. Sigh.

Newly Inspired
The other day I did manage to break out of my routine doldrum simply by taking my after work run to a new location. I sought out a beautiful trail that I had heard of, but never been to, simply because it was five minutes out of the way of my usual trajectory. A sunset run in a new place was just enough to tip me over the edge from bored to invigorated. Fresh off the endorphins of that run, I was then inspired to try a new yoga class instead of doing my normal bouldering session that night. New begets new I guess... and suddenly a day that was otherwise unimpressive got a whole lot more awesome and I felt a whole lot better about it.

Its the little things I guess, even if they are only simple, solo and short.

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