Monday, September 30, 2013

5:48 PM
Hey! How did this Happen?
So I turn 37 this week - the specific day is not important, but the milestone is. I have finally reached the age where I will be forever claiming I am 35, this is in addition to the denial I have had for many years now such that my scale still thinks I am 32.

I don't love being the center of attention so I will be avoiding a major festivity. I do, however, have an exciting kid-free weekend planned with my husband AND as part of my own little celebration of myself I have set out a series of personal challenges this week. They include:

1. Running 37 miles
2. Doing 37 boulder problems (twice!)
3. Biking 37 miles
4. Practicing 3.7 hours of yoga
5. Doing 37 pushups everyday
6. Kissing my family members 37 times a day (I probably do more than this routinely)
7. Contacting 37 people in my life in some way to let them know that I care about them.

I will let you know how my progress goes on meeting my birthday challenges, including any I add along the way. Any suggestions of other things I should attempt 37 times this week as a way to mark the passage of another great year?

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