Tuesday, August 20, 2013

9:07 PM
As I have discussed on prior posts, I live my life by lists (work lists, life lists, work out lists, packing lists) and schedules (you do pick up M/W, I do T/Th). Now as my daughter is transitioning to kindergarten, this means a new schedule for her and a revised Family Plan for us. I haven't yet figured out the full redesign of the Family Plan, but I have spent some time figuring out my daughter's new schedule.

I formed her schedule on the principles of necessity, proximity, affordability, and balance. Specifically, I want her days and weeks to include fun, interesting and self-directed activities that reflect: (1) a balance of structure and freedom; (2) a balance of social and solo; and (3) a balance of the physical and intellectual.

So first what I did was make my template in Excel, which showed the days of the week, and the time 8 AM to 6 PM blocked into half-hour increments:

 Then I color coded the kinds of activities that she would be doing, based on a few key categories:

Then I added the specific activities, days and times to the chart so that the schedule for each day would be clear:


The final schedule includes her school time, her scheduled activities (dance, soccer, swim lessons), her enrichment activities (spanish-based learning units in reading, reading comprehension, science, engineering, math and art), and lots and lots of free time. I have printed the schedule out, posted it in the house, and given hard copies to the necessary persons. On paper, the schedule looks neat and orderly and doable, which certainly doesn't reflect the general chaos and fly by the seat of our pants approach that we sometimes take towards life.

However, as most of us do, my daughter thrives on routine. I hope this schedule will serve as a good tool for my daughter, my husband and I, and our nanny to set expectations, keep coordinated, and facilitate a stable and fun-filled school experience for my daughter. Not everyday or every week will be perfect, but my vision is that, on the whole, my daughter will be getting what she needs. At a minimum, hopefully everyone will know where to be and at roughly what time so nothing major falls through the cracks.

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